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Product sourcing & procurement services

MMCS Procurement is a buying-house company, a division of MM Cargo Services (Pty) Ltd. We specialize in providing procurement, supply and logistics services to the international mining, engineering and construction industries. Our objective is to offer our clients a total cost effective package, which integrates all aspects of their operations with supply chain management system. By maintaining high efficiency rates and low overhead costs, as well as effectively negotiating the cost of goods and services, we are able to deliver cost saving across the board.

We source our products for businesses and supply them at competitive prices, using our sophisticated IT systems to source and optimise resources. We have access to a range of industrial products and good supplier relationships, which gives as a competitive edge over our competitors.

We operate from South Africa and we are connected to other international supplier networks around the world. We also have distribution partners in Kitwe (Zambia), Solwezi (Zambia), Lubumbashi (DRC) and Kolwezi (DRC).

With dynamic networking and Partnership loyalty, the company delivers a professional global procurement service to mining companies, non-governmental and governmental organizations. The service is designed to be cost effective, helping clients to increase revenue and providing an outsourcing platform as an alternative to in-house purchasing.

Our primary activities are based in South Africa, where our competitive advantage lies in our ability to identify areas of customer concern, manage logistics, procure effectively and comprehend the intricacies of commerce and trade in the countries in which we are active.

We operate state of the art systems and with our experience and industry knowledge, coupled with dedicated staff, we are strategically aligned to offer our clients unprecedented levels of service, support and cost savings.

We provide our clients with value added and cost effective services, both in-country and on-site. By pooling the resources of our clients, we are able to negotiate volume discounts on all goods and services that we supply from all parts of the Globe.

Mission Statement

To treat all customers fairly and honestly, to exude the human touch while at the same time maintaining professionalism and timely service. Together we save money for a better everyday life and a promising tomorrow.

Our Core Values

Our values are:
Integrity: We believe in building sustainable relationships with our clients because of our integrity
Courage: We admit when we are wrong and have the courage to change
Excellence: We strive to provide services that guarantees customer satisfaction
Involved: We are inspired and involved to serve our clients

Our Strategy

MMCS Procurement’s strategy is to dominate the procurement and buying industry, by offering our clients a one-stop procurement & product sourcing hub. Our strategy is to acquire bigger players in the industries we service, by making procurement savings for them, through a centralized purchasing system in South Africa. We will achieve this by choosing an optimum mix of vendors who can provide the best prices and terms for our clients.

How We Add Value

It is important to us that you are happy with the goods when you receive them. Goods have to be in perfect condition. MMCS procurement inspects every shipment and only sign its release when we are satisfied with quality and content. MMCS Procurement is committed to delivering to their clients, significant cost savings and to promote efficiency and quality in the goods we supply, and the service to our customers.

Finding the right supplier is a vital factor among thousands of them for almost everything product related. A thorough background check of these suppliers and determining if they are trading companies, manufacturers – or even real at all is key. We pre-verify and thoroughly verify suppliers as well as assess each factory’s pricing, lead times, product quality and prior track record.

We are a reliable and efficient supplier sourcing hub for various products for our clients, working with your required branding, specific labelling and facilitating logistics from South Africa to ship to most parts of the world. Our clients do highly recommend working with MMCS Procurement and to continue the supplier relationship for years to come because of the value they get. We maintain happy clients because their orders are successfully delivered.
Proper completion and adequate legal purchase documentation are key in the procurement process. Basic proforma invoice and receipt are not adequate enough to legally protect your rights or your business. Your orders are highly considered in the negotiating process to get the best mix of price/quality/reliability. Our experience dealing with suppliers and regulatory bodies helps us to know how things work.

The quality of the product is key as inventory or capital assets are an important component of the company’s financial statements.That’s why we do quality control from supplier selection to goods dispatch. Quality Control is an ongoing process which starts the moment you choose a supplier. This can be challenging as problem could step from the onset of choosing the supplier to the order delivery. Quality control is not there to fix problems, but to alert you to potential problems. The earlier you find the problems the quicker you can take corrective action.

We package all our clients’goods carefully and precisely, ensuring they will reach you in a perfect condition. We take into consideration the nature of the goods, mode of transport, security and protection against damage or loss in transit when packing the goods. Commodity packaging issued, supervised and implemented must also meet the regulation standard and law.

MMCS Procurement has export and logistics networks to ensure the freight is handled in a professional and safe manner. We also organise charters, customs clearance, insurance and arrange all the relevant documentation needed to get your goods to you on time and in good condition.

Our logistics capability ensures thatyour cargo is moved quickly and securely. This is supported by our network of customs clearing agents at key borders and logistical means, making our job reliable. We clear consignments in-house quickly with our integrated customs clearing system and we have good products tariffs knowledge to ensure compliance and cost saving.

MMCS Procurement takes full responsibility to ensure that your freight is routed in the most cost effective, shortest delivery time possible. We provide accurate deliveries at a cost effective price. We are able to pack, drop ship and load full containers of equipment and goods to reduce all costs and avoid unnecessary delays.

We are able to deliver in different locations where our customers have operations with our efficient logistics means, and for customers with dedicated warehouses we work with their appointed freightforwarders to deliver the items at their locations.

Some Brands we have worked with:

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