Level 4 COVID-19 shipments

Posted by danny
We recognize that this is a challenging time for all, and most importantly, we remain deeply committed to the safety of our teams, customers, and communities. We encourage everyone to be kind and considerate and even in the presence of social distancing, we encourage everyone to be there for one another.We are in this togetherand MMCS is making it better for you while you isolate

We will collect your items, customs clear them and deliver them for you.
MMCS is loading and delivering shipments during this level 4 of lockdown. We have been delivering to our clients as they isolate.
We are always ready and are with you in this difficult time of Corona Virus. We will collect, transport, customs clear and deliver while you isolate.
Other value-adding services we are providing during this lockdown period are:

Product sourcing
Customs documents processing
entries framing
Consolidations/full truck load
(We are delivering to Zambia, DRC, Botswana and Zimbabwe)

We are inspired and involved to serve you.

Most important is to take care of and isolate as much as you can.

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