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Customs allows clients to partake in the Customs deferment arrangement by deferring the payment of
Customs duty and VAT for a period of up to thirty (30) days
Customs duties and VAT are payable in accordance with Section 39(1)(b) at the time of importation.
b) However, payment may be deferred for up to thirty (30) days on a deferment account. No duties and
levies on locally manufactured goods may be deferred under this arrangement.
c) Only Customs clients registered in terms of Section 59A may utilise the deferment arrangement.
Applications for a deferment account must be made in terms of SC-CF-19.
d) On the application form, the client must list all offices that they wish to make use of and select the
respective payment dates at each of these offices, which can be from the first to the twenty-eighth of
each month. This will be the agreed payment date. The agreed payment date will remain fixed every
month, for as long as the client participates in the deferment arrangement.
e) Customs reserves the right to alter such a date to ensure even distribution of the workload. This will
be done prior to the client partaking in the deferment arrangement and must be approved by the client.
To read more about it. Click the lick to download: SC-DT-B-02 – Deferments – External Standard

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