MM Cargo Services (Pty) Ltd is a customs clearing broker, logistics and product sourcing company, based in Johannesburg. Our company was formally registered in 2014 with CIPC, registration number being 2014/217561/07 and a level 1 BBBEE company.

MM Cargo Services started in 2011, through third-party companies, by initially moving cargo from South Africa to other parts of the region. Many of the larger freight forwarding companies were simply out of reach for many SMME and individuals Our clients needed a smaller, more affordable customs clearing broker, logistics and product sourcing company that would fill an important gap between the light-weight companies and the big players. We function based on the principle that there is no cargo that is too big or too small for us to handle.

Our company has grown from having three clients in 2011, to serving more than 35 customer accounts, within and outside the borders of South Africa, as a customs-clearing broker, logistics and product sourcing company.

To meet the evolving needs of an ever-expanding customer base, we established three subsidiary businesses with different areas of focus namely MMCS Transportation and Logistics, MMCS Procurement and MMCS Inbound and Outbound Customs.