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Procurement, logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearing agent

MM Cargo Services is a next generation solution provider in procurement, logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearing and supply chain management services. We are a cutting-edge, regional logistics, customs clearing agent & procurement partner. We offer a fast and seamless supply chain services for your vital operations, wherever you are in the World.We have been providing our customers with transportation,logistics and supply solutions, that support the way they want to do business, wherever they are in the world.

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Our import and export capability (Authorised SARS importer and Exporter and customs clearing broker) ensures that our clients are serviced properly wherever they are in the world.

A proactive approach to supply chain management will help you gain that important competitive edge. At MM Cargo Services, our experts design tailor-made supply chain solutions, to meet your specific needs.

Your business is dependent on being able to respond rapidly to changes in the market place; our flexible supply chain solutions make this possible. We can help you to react swiftly and take advantage of new opportunities, as and when these arise; from optimising inventory and handling costs to responding to changes in product demand.

Our global set up and local knowledge allow you to explore opportunities in new markets with complete integrated solutions. From warehousing and distribution services, to purchase order and quality management, we can get the right supply chain in place so that your business can move fast, wherever you are.

Our Values Are:


We believe in building sustainable relationships with our clients because of our integrity.


We admit when we are wrong and have the courage to change.


We strive to provide services that guarantees customer satisfaction.


We are inspired and involved to serve our clients.

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